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Where other products are focused on solving a specific business problem, the Egnyte Cloud File Server looks to satisfy many needs at once. Egnyte provides online storage, file sharing, a file server, FTP access, local access, mobile access, and computer backup for small companies or departments up to large corporations and their customers.

Egnyte, a Mountain View, CA company, was founded in 2006. The Cloud File Server product was first introduced in 2008 as a means to outsource infrastructure, and lists an impressive array of clients from a variety of sectors, including heavy hitters in technology like Intel and Cisco. The company now has data installations on both the East and West Coast of the United States and in Western European.

The plans provide for a given number of “power users”, each able to administer two computers and the associated files, and a much larger set of “standard users”. Standard users are essentially end users, able to share those administered files.

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– 15-day free trial

– Group Plan for 5 Power Users, 100 Standard Users, 150 GB, and 10 Backup Lic.

– – for a one-month rate of $29.99/month or a 12-month rate of $24.99/month

– Office Plan for 10 Power Users, 200 Standard Users, 1 TB, and 20 Backup Lic.

– – for a one-month rate of $49.99/month or a 12-month rate of $44.99/month

– Group Plan for 25 Power Users, 500 Standard Users, 1 TB, and 50 Backup Lic.

– – for a one-month rate of $99.99/month or a 12-month rate of $124.99/month

– High-volume and widely configurable Corporate Plans also exist

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Supported Devices

– MS Windows: Windows Server 2003; XP; Vista; Windows 7

– Mac: Mac OS X 10.5 and later

– Linux: No

– iPad: iOS 4.2 and later

– iPhone: iOS 3.1.2 and later

– Android: Android OS 2.0 and later

– Plus other mobile devices capable of running a browser

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– Encryption: AES-256 standard

– Network security employed: firewall and NITS protection

– Transfers: SSL

Data Storage: Type II and SAS 70 Compliant facilities with full security

Cloud backup: Multiple-location, redundant storage units

Data privacy: Yes

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User Comments

As the product is more sophisticated, so is the interaction in the support forum, with the features requested tending to be more in depth. The customer testimonials reveal that Egnyte has largely succeeded in allowing customers to concentrate on their primary business while the Cloud File Server takes care of file distribution.

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Pros & Cons

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egnyte review


– More feature-rich in all facets than other implementations.

– Incremental pricing allows selection of a plan tailored to your business.

egnyte reviewCons:

– By attempting to be all things to all people, Egnyte may not fill some niches well.

– Higher cost than other implementations.


Egnyte is the likely choice for customers looking to invest in a high-end file service. The product is not really intended for single user or home computer situations.

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