Quickbooks Alternatives? Outright Accounting is Easier (and Less Expensive)

Outright Accounting:  Alternative to Quickbooks

Whether taking advantage of the Internet to start a small business or going the more conventional route, many entrepreneurs find themselves struggling with the day-to-day aspects of accounting and tax preparation.

While bookkeeping is a necessary evil to keep the business running, most owners would prefer to concentrate on ways to improve and grow the company– rather than getting bogged down in paperwork and accounting.

For years, Quickbooks was the answer for those who needed accounting help but couldn’t afford to hire an actual accountant. In recent years, several rivals have appeared, to challenge Quickbooks.  One of the smartest Quickbooks alternatives right now is called  Outright Accounting.

Created by two former employees of Intuit, the company behind Quickbooks, Outright is designed to streamline the work needed to run a small business. The cloud-based system helps entrepreneurs organize income and expenses and pay the correct taxes.

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While Quickbooks offers assistance to businesses of varying sizes, Outright is designed specifically to be used by small businesses. Many people with no accounting skills find Quickbooks to be complicated, even requiring a short training course.  Amazon and other retailers sell several books on how to operate Quickbooks. On the other hand, Outright is simple to use because it has dropped several features that may be too complex and unnecessary for smaller entities.

After setting up an account, Outright begins pulling financial information on the business from several different sources,including bank, PayPal and credit card accounts. This information is then placed into proper categories.

The system also easily integrates with other online accounting services, such as Freshbooks and Shoeboxed, while its encryption security protects the client’s information. Using Outright means very little actual data entry for the customer.

Once the information is gathered by Outright, charts and graphs quickly and easily report how the business is doing. By keeping financial statements up to date tax season is easier, including quarterly statements estimating how much will be owed.

The price for Outright is another advantage over Quickbooks. Though both systems offer a 30-day free trial period, Outright’s pricing structure is lower than that offered from Quickbooks.

Small business owners would much rather spend time improving their company and finding new sources of revenue than entering financial data and preparing for tax season. There are several options available to them but Outright Online Accounting is one of the best available because it is geared specifically toward their type of operation.

Outright is my favorite Quickbooks alternative because it saves  time.  By automating many accounting tasks, it’s just plain easier to use than Quickbooks. (quickbooks is way too much for many small businesses)  There’s a 30-day trial so you can see how it works for your situation.

If you are needing Quickbooks alternatives, I recommend that you try Outright. (free 30 day trial here)