Wordpress vs. Joomla as CMS

Are you still pondering which CMS is better for your blog?  I found this great article  that compares  the functions and uses of Wordpress and Joomla.

Basic function:

In WordPress: WordPress is a website engine, which allows the entire work installing and running the system, as well as publishing basic content a breeze.

In Joomla: Joomla is for managing and publishing a bouquet of different content types, in diverse ways.

Primary use:

In WordPress: Though it began as a full-fledged blogging tool, it has evolved into a CMS. You can check the blogs of the NY Times to get a peek into what WordPress can do. However, WordPress still caters mostly to newbies.

It caters to end users, developers and designers alike….More at WordPress Vs Joomla


Wordpress vs. Joomla – Which is better?