Twitter Tools 2013

Had a hard time managing multiple twitter accounts, responding to twitter messages, getting more followers, scheduling messages across social networks, and finding targeted  customers if you own a local business?  Here’s a  list of  twitter tools that may address one of your needs.

Excerpt via: 101 Tweet-Tastic tools for 2013

1. Hootsuite Hootsuite is undoubtedly one of my favourite and most used social media tools.  I literally couldn’t manage my own social media let alone all our clients without it.  A very easy to use dashboard for engagement, scheduling messages, responding to Twitter messages, direct messages etc.  It also has a host of reporting and measuring features although I prefer to use other tools for this.  It recently launched the ability to send messages at optimum times (similar to the Buffer feature which I love).  Also available on the go with your smart phone.

2. TweetDeck  Bought by Twitter back in 2011 you would think that this would be the top dashboard for Twitter.  Whether it will still be here for 2013 remains to be seen as the latest news cites that it risks closure over repeated failure to file financial records.

3. MarketMeSuite This great social media dashboard is similar to Hootsuite and TweetDeck. You can use it to manage and market on multiple social profiles, schedule messages across social networks, use Geo-targeting to locate customers nearby and many others.

4. SproutSocial has everything you need to enhance your social media effectiveness: monitoring, engagement, measurement and growth. You can use it to schedule updates, monitor your brand and your competition, find targeted customers, and measure your success with analytics….Read More…

The Best Twitter Tools