Jungle Disk Review

The Jungle Disk Drive is one of the few backup services today that provide intermediary software which makes it easy, safe and convenient for users to back up their data. Users get to sign up for an account using the program interface but the data is not stored on the local machine, it is stored online at a remote server.

Data backed up is stored in a reliable and trusted storage provided by Rackspace and Amazon S3. With this backup solution, users will have to pay Jungle Disk for the service fee according the plan they choose as well as pay S3 or Rackspace for storage space where the data is stored.

Jungle Drive is one of the most dominant, reliable and easy to use backup services available today. It has tons of features including sharing, syncing, automatic backup, web or mobile access and archiving. Since the program is installed on the local computer, backing up data is as easy as dragging and dropping files between drives. There are versions for Linux, Mac and Windows but it can sync across multiple platforms.

Features of Jungle Drive

  •  Jungle Disk Desktop Edition comes with a 30 day free trial. The desktop edition costs $20.
  •  Works like a network drive, backing up data is as easy as dragging and dropping files to a ‘virtual’ drive on the application window.
  •  No commitments or monthly subscription fees are required.
  • Data is automatically compressed then encrypted. These are then backed up in multiple Amazon data centers to reduce redundancy.
  •  Applications available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Data can be synced across all the three platforms.
  •  Easy sharing of files across different platforms for users with access.
  • Archiving of backed up data that may not be in use. Archived data can be deleted from the local drive.

Jungle Drive Review – Good and Bad

Jungle Drive is a modern-day backup solution that allows single users and businesses or companies to store their important data remotely and safely away.  However, users who have used Jungle Drive have had some negative points about the product:

  • The maze of billing with Jungle Drive, S3 and Rackspace can be very confusing for most users.
  •  There is no unlimited data backup plan. This means that the more you back up the more you pay.
  •  There is no way to access files via a web interface. Backup files can only be accessed via the program installed on the machine.

Here are some of the most dominant pros of the Jungle Drive as pointed out by users:

  • Data is stored on Amazon S3 or Rackspace meaning that it is possible to access the data using a different application.
  • Simple configuration of the program, easy to use with drag and drop features to back up data.
  • Four different versions to choose from: Workgroup and server editions for business users and simply and Desktop versions for individual users.
  • Jungle Drive implements the industry-standard AES-256 encryption with the option to encrypt file names.

Jungle Disk Drive has many good points…but other cloud-based backup solutions are better, in my opinion:

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