Nextiva Fax Review

Nextiva Fax : Why choose nextiva instead of a traditional fax machine?

nextiva fax reviewNextiva Fax is a permanent solution to faxing that provides reliable and flexible faxing.  You can easily send and receive faxes from anywhere you can get access to the internet.

This makes it easy to send faxes either by email or from a Microsoft application through your phone or a web portal.

Since copies of all faxes are kept at, you will never have to worry about losing faxes because they are stored on secure service and you can access them when you want to, even when your computer is switched off.

The servers are accessible online from any computer at any time.

The payment arrangement for this ultimate fax solution is flexible because although you subscribe annually, you do not have to pay for the service at one, you can pay month to month basis without any contracts or commitments. Continue reading “Nextiva Fax Review”